Production Chain

Nature – Contract farmers – Mill
Everything starts from the fields. Starting points are pretty good: our northern nature offers the purest growth environment for oats.

In our region, oats are one of the most important cereals for nutrition. We select professional, meticulous farmers who are willing to engage themselves in our strict requirements as our collaboration partners.

Furthermore, we collaborate with ProAgria’s experts who both provide training and audit our facilities. Together we build up the best ways of working and share best practices. This is how top quality and purity are reached.

We have dedicated a separate mill for pure oats starting from transport to receiving, packaging and storing. We have our own laboratory and analyses for pure oats, with the help of which, we ensure that the entire production chain remains gluten-free. Furthermore, we use an external laboratory partner for certifying our products’ gluten-freeness.

Criteria for production chain of gluten-free oats