The purest oats in the world deserve a world-class mill. Our brand-new oat mill represents state-of-the-art technology. And it’s one of the very few strictly gluten-free pure oat mills in the world. We are pretty proud of it.

Ensuring gluten-free oats has been the main principle in designing the mill and the whole milling process, from receiving the grains to loading the ready oats.

Our oat production process is based on continuous quality control and management, utilizing the latest technology.

Our purpose is to produce tasty, high-quality, and safe gluten-free oats. Apart from being delicious, we believe that a high-quality oat should be pure, uniform, have a great self-life, and be traceable.

First-class oats – Quality control – Impeccable hygiene

The quality of the raw material is everything, so we consider ourselves lucky to be working with the world’s best oats. Regardless of the first-class milling process, it’s impossible to improve poor quality raw material. But, it’s possible to fail even with a good one. Hence, the quality control starts long before the grains arrive at the mill and it carries on systematically throughout the production.

We have our own laboratory and a rigorous sample collection system, carried out before the grains are received and transferred to the silos. We use many smaller silos for sorting the grains according to their quality and harvest. This ensures that we manage the variety effectively and the oats are always traceable.

The 65 Oats facility has been designed to ensure impeccable hygiene with ease. We have the best possible mechanical cleaning systems and optical sorters, and we only use filtered air inside. Wheat and rye cultivation are not so common in the north of Finland, but growing barley is popular. Hence, we have invested considerably in eliminating the barley contamination risk.

Excellent product safety starts with ensuring the quality of grains by choosing trustworthy suppliers. We use the extended FSSC 22000 product safety system, which includes the standard for managing gluten-free products. All our 65 Oats products are certified gluten-free according to AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies), and we are entitled to use their official gluten-free product mark. We also follow the HACCP-based self-monitoring system.

Our delicious and safe oats are made in an extraordinary mill through intricate processes, in the loving hands of our people.

The outcome is tasty, high-quality, and safe gluten-free oats.

History, know-how, and high-tech

Although our mill is brand new, as a family and as a business we have over 60 years of milling experience and solid know-how in handling cereals. In addition to the best quality grains, our cornerstones have always been quality production processes and reliable technology – this is why we share a long history with Bühler, whose technology we use exclusively in the mill.

To manage the gluten-free production our mill has been designed as a fully separate facility. It’s one of the very few strictly gluten-free pure oats mills in the whole world. And the apple of our eye.